Every project brings with it new challenges, and possibly new required skills to learn. I’ve been very fortunate to be involved with many different types of projects that required me to evolve new capabilities and grow as a creative person. I’ve seen many design trends come and go, and I followed them. There was the rich-media trend, the Web 2.0 trend, and the infographic trend. Doing a project with the newest trend, Virtual Reality (VR), will require a new set of skills but will also benefit from my previous design background. Design practices are always changing—things are always getting better. You have to do your research. Before I start a project, I get the skills I need to do the best work. That is the life of a multidisciplinary designer. Welcome to my world.

The following list showcases my background with various creative disciplines and the projects I worked on where that discipline was most needed.



Illustration Background

From magazine covers to storyboards, I have illustrated for some of the best brands out there. I’ve done corporate portraits for Wunderman. Editorial illustrations for AARP. Infographic, motion art for Toyota and Dupont, and advertising art many other brands.

Illustration Projects

T-Mobile Superheroes Campaign Illustrations • Workday Magazine Covers • Renovate America Product Illustrations • Firefox Fox Illustrations • Virgin Mobile “Retrain Your Brain” • Toyota “Buckle Up for Life” • Dupont Case Study Illustrations • SourceFire Banner Art • WellNet Site Illustration • Fitness Magazine • Google Earth Poster Art • Google Case Study Profiles • BlueCross BlueShield FEP Banner Illustrations and Icons • RTCrm Profiles • AARP Membership Artwork



Web Design Background

I started my career as an interactive designer, so it’s no surprise that most of my portfolio consist of interaction projects. I have designed big budget, large scale websites for major brands to small personal portfolio sites. In the past, I specialized in designing—and in some cases programing—Flash-based rich media experience sites. The Web projects I work on today are fully responsive, most using a WordPress content management system (CMS).

Web Design Projects

Cherdonna Website • WIDS Website • WisEye Website • Abengoa Water Site • Crop Insurance America Redesign • USAID: Ebola GC Sitelet • Verisign CP Sitelet • McAfee “Know your Security Risk” • The Grappler Anchor • SourceFire Redesign • Prime Global • Cohn Reznick • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority • Sportsmen Vote • Hillerman Baretz Redesign • Pitch Interactive • BlueCross BlueShield FEP • Alcatel-Lucent Redesign • Symantec “Zero Disturbance” Website • InSing Magazine • • The National Academies • Nuclear Threat Initiative • The Si • USIP Global Peacebuilding Center • WTOP • George Washington’s Mount Vernon • Queens Library • Microsoft Gov. 2.0 • AARP Welcome • Evermay Estate • RTCrm Redesign • WeBook • HIV/AIDS Stigma • AARP Health Redesign • AARP Member Preferences • Spunk Magazine Website • AOL Digital Lifestyle • NOAA Redesign • • Unit Studio • Myriad Media • • Darrell Green Website • Citibank IPB • NYC Public Libraries Summer Reading • Webcrafters • The Walton Arts Center • Synapse Logic • Deco Expression • DynaCom • Beyond Grey Pinstripes • NUL Health • Asia-Inc Magazine • Thruport • Georgetown Physics • Annenberg/CPB • Very Woman Magazine • Kinkos Online Services • Discovery School • PBS Teacher Source • Dulles DC Cargo • AOL Kids Only • AOL Kodak Page • PBS for Teachers • AOL Fantasy Sports • PBS Press Room • • AOL Home & Garden • Smithsonian at AOL • Rolling Stones “Stripped” Website



UX Background

Most all of the interaction design projects I’m involved with required some user experience design (UX), but then there are some projects where my core duty was to provide extensive UX services. With those projects, I may have provided things like prototypes, workflows, and frameworks documentation along with the main design work.

UX Projects

WIDS Website UX • • Vine Inc. • Communities In Schools • Brookings Institute • United States Institute of Peace • Network For Good • WTOP • George Washington’s Mount Vernon • Engage User Experience • Thruport Store Enhancements • Lockheed ISC2 Interface • XM Radio • PBS Video Database • FuGen



App Design Background

Application design requires more process and design development than the average interaction design project. The application projects I have been involved with required an extensive user interface (UI) design and UX process. I have done Application design and consultation for both mobile and desktop platforms.

App Projects

Peoplenet Interface Design • Anubis Networks Global Threat Report Desktop • Vusion Desktop • WineXchg App • Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Site • Yunbor Desktop and Mobile • DDC Advocacy Take Action App • Dell Brief Builder Desktop • Engage Desktop • Geounity Web App



Advertising Background

Most of my advertising background comes from working with ad agencies such as Ogilvy and Wunderman. Besides magazine or TV ads, most advertising work I have done is online and functional, from ad banners to email-to-microsite campaigns.

Advertising Projects

Metlife: Metro Corridor Ads • Abengoa Water Ads • Digital Advertising Alliance Ads • Varisign • Walmart Facts Sitelet • Google GIS Ads • JDRF Banners • Energy Citizens • Mount Vernon Commercial • AVEED “Get Your T On” Microsite • Novo Nordisk • AARP Awareness Ads • Dell Uptime • AARP Engagement Emails • The AARP Experience • Abbott Simicor • Dell Vostro Line Ads • AARP Marketplace • AARP Fitness Banners • AARP Enterprise • AARP “Wheel of Life” Banners • AARP Travel Banners • AARP Newsletter • Humira • Herceptin • Abilify • AARP Passport • Lincoln “My American Dream” • Nokia Presentations • Motherhood Point of Sale CD • Asia Inc Ads • Discovery’s Animal Planet Singapore Ad • Thruport Banners • AOL Member Perks • AOL 5 Banners • Discovery Channel Presents the Titanic • AOL High Speed Banners



Print Background

I studied traditional graphic design and bookmaking in school, but when I chose to become an interaction design expert, I didn’t get as many print design-related opportunities. Having said that, I have worked on some pretty special print projects. I’ve designed report booklets, brochures, posters, and stationery for the companies shown below.

Print Projects

Thomson Reuters Presentation Materials • FairWinds Partners Industry Report • CropLife Presentation Materials • Power Africa Annual Report • USAID: Global Health Program Fact Sheet • USAID: Acting On The Call • Microsoft Advertising Exchange Benchmark Report • ACLU Net Neutrality • AARP Member Benefits Handbook • Spunk Magazine • Canon Posters • 45 Sessions Poster • Smith & Nephew Brochure



3D Background

I have always kept in touch with 3D applications and their capabilities, but only now can I call 3D modeling and rendering a specialty. Over the last four years, I have used 3D in much of my illustration work to some degree but featured below are projects where only modeling and 3D rendering was the primary objective. I model in several styles using spline, box and sculpt methods. I am also skilled in UV textures and physical based rendering.

3D Projects

Hero Program Product Models and Renderings • McAfee Modeling and Digital Art • Dupont “Sustainable Energy Solutions” Modeling and Digital Art • XO Building Model and Art • Symantec “Zero Disturbance” Modeling and Art • Google Earth Modeling • Geounity • Thruport Dolphin Modeling



Motion Background

I have always experimented with motion graphics and animation, and at university, my final thesis was about animation history. I know a lot about animation. However, I’m relatively new to providing animation or motion graphics services for clients. I’ve had the honor of working on animations for clients like Project Invested, USA Today and PBS.

Motion Projects

Project Invested: Capital Markets Animation • Omni Motion Graphics • Lakeshore Records Holiday Promo • USA Today Holiday Preroll Animation • 
McAfee “Know your Security Risk” Animation • RTCrm Animated Idents • Medimmune Animated Infographic • AOL Running Man • HUGHES Motion Graphics • PBS Infinite CD Introduction



Logo/ID Background

Logo design projects are some of my favorite types of projects because going through the process of making a logo it may require so much of my other design capabilities—from typography to 3D modeling—it just depends on the type of logo that’s needed. My creative process for making a logo helps me collaborate with the client, to develop the perfect logo, from concept to a complete identity system.

Logo/ID Projects

Beyond The Dot 2016 • Atlas Logo • Colin’s Imminent Logo • StockUp • Intuit Lacerte • Caboose Brewing Co. • East X West Identity • Prime Global • Sportsmen Vote • Mutual Trust Alliance • Codigo • Loyal TV • Second Edition • Spunk Magazine • Engage • Full Fat • Mi Restaurant Identity • Epok • The Alliance • 10Net • Inpho Identity System • Dome Capital • Thruport • Top News • G-Trader • Mpower • Mills Value Advisor



Branding Background

A branding project involves a logo design, but a brand is not the logo, it’s the concept behind the logo. To help communicate that concept to employees you need branding guidelines. My branding process uncovers more than the basics and supports today’s needs, like how a brand should function in social media, with video, with infographics and all other forms of communication.

Branding Projects

Dell Computers Infographic Guidelines • Blackboard Branding Style Guides • FDA Office of Women’s Health Brand Refresh and Style Guide • Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Guidelines • United States Institute of Peace • Network For Good • Inpho Identity Guidelines



Infographics Background

Several years ago infographic design was a hot trend. It made sense—it was cheaper than building a website, and it could do just about the same thing as a website. Today, if you want to reach a wider audience, your infographics must be professional because there are too many mediocre infographics flooding the “attention economy.” I specialize in illustrated infographics that tell a story, drawing out facts and all the essential information. I have done such infographics for major brands— Virgin, Oracle, BP, Dupont, and Google.

Infographic Design Projects

Dupont: Food Security Infographic • USAID: Acting On The Call Infographics • American Diabetes Association Infographics • Accenture “The Age of Data Visualization” • Virgin Mobile “Retrain Your Brain” infographic • Oracle Cloud World • DDC Advocacy Infographic Templates • Social@Ogilvy Infographics • BP’s “Team USA Athlete Achievements” • BP Winter Olympics Infographics • NINDS National Stroke Awareness Month Infographics • Dupont Technologies Case Studies • Dupont Infographics Systems • FDA Health Scams • FDA Timeline • FDA Medicines Guide • FDA Birth Control Guide • XO Concentric Infographic • Hello Wallet “Paycheck Pickpocket” • Google Earth Poster Infographic • Sportsman Vote Live Charts • GE “Middle Market”



Storyboarding Background

When I work on an animation project, it’s the usual case that I need to make a storyboard at the beginning of the project. But occasionally I’m asked to storyboard for a television commercial or something like that, where I’m not the sole creator of the final piece. In those cases, the storyboard is the project. I work in close collaboration with the director to help see their vision through, including an environment and character design process.

Storyboard Projects

Toyota “Buckle Up for Life” • NINDS “Know Stroke” • AARP HCO Microsite Storyboard



Font Design Background

I’ve taken a break from font design. However, I am open to developing custom fonts for branding or identity systems if a project requires it. I market my font designs under the name Diphthong Type Foundry.

Font Design Projects

Diphthong Regular • Top News Brand Font • Dome Capital Brand Font



Development Background

I no longer take on large development projects. My background as a developer started with Flash, and I used to develop games and rich-media experiences using it. Now that flash is defunct I’m not coding as much. I am currently using newer applications like Adobe Muse or WordPress to build sites. And, I’m currently learning C++ and Unity for game development. For the large scale sites I design, after the design process, I work with or recommend a professional freelance developer to build the site.

Development Projects

Cherdonna Website • Blackboard Holiday Website • Cassie Elliot Website • 
Blackboard New Brand Sitelet • Blackboard “Are You Geek Enough” Interactive Infographic • The Walton Arts Center • Asia Inc. • Symantec “Zero Disturbance” Game • Washington Gas Interactive Guide • PAHC “Beat The Odds” Game • Annenberg Learner Amusement Park Physics Game • Bennington College Timeline Microsite • Blunt Document Destroyer Game • Herceptin Microsite • Log Greetings Expert • AARP Welcome • AARP Auto Concept Microsite • AARP HCO Microsite • Delay’s Dollars Game • Spunk Magazine • Born Magazine Pieces • Citibank Game • Diphthong ID Website • Flipclip • Maddox Design • Indez Design • Geounity • NASA Game • New York Public Library Web Games • Kellogg’s TuCan Sam Jungle Jump Game • S+2 Website • Discovery Channel Eureka 2000 Game • PBS Shop Infinite CD • Ohmeda CD