Virgin Mobile, “Retrain Your Brain” Infographic

Lifehacker and Virgin teamed up to create an infographic that was in part a “mind hack,” a popular editorial series on the Lifehacker website, and part advertisement for Virgin Mobile. I was hired to design and illustrate the infographic. The goal was to inform entertainingly and then segway into how you need to “retrain your brain” on pre-paid mobile phone plans versus paid plans.

The target audience was mostly college students and fresh grads, so Virgin wanted the piece to have a fun, light-hearted style with a bit of a quirky attitude. My concept was to design characters and icons that brought individual mind hacks to life. Ideally, we would continue to use the same characters in other infographics.


Virgin Mobile, Infographic , Part 1
Virgin Mobile, Infographic , Part 2
Virgin Mobile, Infographic , Part 3



Virgin Mobile, Infographic Detail, Characters

Virgin Mobile, Infographic Detail, John Adams riding a rhinoceros

Virgin Mobile, Infographic Detail, George Washington eating pancakes

Virgin Mobile, Infographic Detail, Koala bear and airplane