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The Silo 3D Toolbox

Silo is a lightweight modeling application exclusively for 3D modeling, UV mapping, and retopology. Its minimalist interface is perfect for game developers, designers, and illustrators who are solely interested in creating 3D Models. Silo isn’t bloated with unnecessary interface features, which is great because it allows you to model objects without fussing with buttons and sliders. However, because of its “zen” approach to interface design, having text menus rather than iconic ones, there is a slightly higher learning curve when it comes to using it for the first time. To help bridge the learning curve, I made this key command chart for both novice and experienced 3D modelers, not only for learning the application for the first time, but also for continued reference.

The Silo 3D Toolbox - key command reference chart

And, after seeing the increased interest in Silo, with the launch of the new 2.5 version, I thought it would be fitting to publish this Silo key command reference guide on a proper page, on my site, free for anyone to use.

If you are new to 3D modeling, I suggest you download the Silo trial, print this guide, and play around with the different features. Additionally, the Silo website is loaded with handy tutorials and reference material.

For advanced 3D modelers, the key to becoming a productive 3D modeler is to learn and memorize all the key-commands of programs, and for that effort, this reference sheet is for you.

This “toolbox” was made after my many hour’s modeling, and experience using Silo. I updated it each time I discovered a new feature and modeling operation. It is the result of much trial and error and use. The page is organized into logical sections, with selection tools at the top, and object operations in the center, and advanced and supplemental modeling references at the bottom. As a guide, it was designed to be printed out, and placed in front of your keyboard for quick reference.

Silo Toolbox on Desktop table

Shortly, I plan on sharing more 3D modeling reference material that has helped me progress with Silo and 3D modeling. So, Please revisit this post for even more, soon!

I hope you enjoy using this handy key command reference guide as much as I do. Happy modeling!

Silo 3D Toolbox (PDF)





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